Monday, September 12, 2011

Opinions needed.

There are two things that I cannot seem to find:

1. A delicious spaghetti sauce

2. A delicious salsa

I've tried a bunch of store bought kinds and I can't find anything that I love. I'm not interested in devoting my extra time to making either of these things from scratch, so could you please share the names of your favorite store bought spaghetti sauce and salsa? 

Aaaaaaand go!


Brittany said...

We love Prego . . . as for salsa we do make our own . . . it's from the resturant knock off recipe book and it really is just some canned stuff and spices. Pretty easy even though I make it myself. If not we like Pace salsa out of the jar.

Anonymous said...

love costco salsa. i think you don't like it though. and you can't go wrong with some og salsa - pace. love it. pace chunky.

Amber said...

My favorite jar spaghetti sauce is Ragu garden has chunks of veggies and is little on the sweet side. Great I'd you like veggies in the sauce....not so great if you don't.
And for salsa, I like Jack's fresh salsa which I believe you can find at Costco, or Amy's organic salsa in the jar....I don't know if the have it out in Utah though.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i love rojo's roasted red pepper salsa-it's in the refrigerator section at the uncooked tortillas and such. it has an earthy chipotle flavor. mmm. i also love green salsa...almost any kind.

and for spaghetti sauce we usually do classico (three packs at costco) or prego chunky garden. i love the chunks of zuchinni, etc.

Lori said...

Sauce: I like Barilla and Prego, and some times will just add a couple things to it to make it a little better. But I have found that using sausage instead of ground beef adds a lot too.

Salsa: I buy a local salsa at a local grocery store that is good. I suggest doing the same. We get a yummy jar full for $3 and it's made in Iowa.

Lori said...

Had to laugh cause I saw this after I read your post:

The Clems said...

so i dont wanna brag, but MY spaghetti sauce is the best! its sweet not spicy and its super easy. if you want the recipe let me know!

Sarah said...

We love Jack's Salsa (can be found big at Costco or regular size-better for sampling-at Smith's). Spagetti sauce is hard. I don't what flavors you like or those you stay away from. I'm remembering that you are picky so I'm thinking that you don't too strong of a flavor? If that's true just stay away from any that look fancy & stick with marina. Prego tends to be sweeter IMO while Ragu has more of a tomato bite. Classico is pretty good too.