Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another random post...

1. I have successfully broken all but 4 of my cereal bowls. 8 bowls have perished. Instead of dwelling on my clumsiness, I'm choosing to instead get excited about buying some new cereal bowls. I'm planning on buying these lovelies:

2. A while back Ben and I had a stupendous DYAC moment. I still laugh about it!
{And no, I don't call Ben "daddy." It's connected to a picture of Dylan}

3. I just discovered that I know someone famous! 
This is absolutely ridiculous. For months and months I've heard the Neon Trees song "Animal" on the radio. I think I even downloaded it on iTunes. Great song. While listening to the radio the other day, the DJ said something like, "Utah's own, Neon Trees." This was news to me. I decided to Wikipedia the band, and it turns out that the drummer Elaine is one of my former co-workers! True story! When I worked with her she was drumming for a different band, and we lost touch after graduation in 2007, but for about two years we had the same campus job at BYU.  For the record, she's super cool and nice. Unfortunately, the 5th most embarrassing moment of my life involves her. But that's a different story for a different day. 

4. I am obsessed with these:
Viva paper towels. I love these paper towels so much and I always have them on hand. They work so much better than all of the other brands that I'm willing to pay $10 for a 6-pack. I am also obsessed with paper towels in general, as I refuse to use wet dish rags in my kitchen. I can't stop thinking about the germs that I would be spreading around my kitchen using the same rag over and over. Bleh. That's why I go through rolls and rolls of paper towels every week. Wasteful? Probably. 

 Can you believe that it's already Thursday? I love short work weeks! 
Have a great day, friends! Be nice to people and smile more than usual. I dare you.


Lori said...

Like the bowls, but if you break a lot of them you should consider corelle because they don't break and have fun designs. I'm with you on Viva it's all my grandparents bought growing up, although I buy bounty a lot because I like them too. :)

Sarah said...

I think the funniest part of your Auto Correct story was that you made sure to point out you don't call Ben daddy. I had to LOL. I'm too cheap or green to use paper towels like that but I cannot stand the smell of an old dish rag. HATE IT. So I compromise with disposable washcloths. And please post about your 5th most embarrassing story one day. Please!

Morgan said...

Is she the one who played her own music and you commented on it???

MMH said...

Thanks for a-stoppin by my blog. I am the same as you....with the paper towels AND the dry shampoo comment down a couple of posts ago. Thanks for that tip on the dry shamp..I needed it! -Melissa

sarahbclark! said...

morgan, chrissi told me the story and it's not the one you're thinking of!
chrissi, cute bowls, but i agree with lori about getting ones that are less breakable. and neon trees have played with shiny toy guns!

The Clems said...

I think its about time you start getting paid for writing this blog! With all your product ad and quick wit, you are a shoe in! I love it, so entertaining! Keep up the awesomeness.