Monday, January 2, 2012

Has it really been seven years?

A few notes about this picture:
1. The reason why we were cracking up is we could not cut the cake, since we were unknowingly trying to cut the plastic layer-divider thing. For a minute I was afraid that we had ordered a cement cake on accident.
2. That cake topper. Oy. It originally belonged to my sister from her wedding, and I couldn't find one that I wanted for my cake. I lost interest in finding an acceptable topper, so we took my sister's topper and we painted the groom's black hair a light orange to match Ben and stuck it on our cake. Seriously, the topper looks like it's from 1993. 
3. Holy cow, we were babies. I got married 20 days after my 20th birthday. Caaaraaaazy. 

About our 7th anniversary:
1. We went to the funeral of Ben's uncle that morning. Nothing like a funeral to put a damper on an anniversary. (This is the second funeral we have attended on our anniversary- his grandpa's on our 1st anniversary)
2. Ben got me flowers, I got him nothing. Bad wife. 
3. After the funeral, approximately 20 of Ben's relatives (some that I know very well and love, some that I had never met prior to that day) ended up at my house. 
4. My wonderful MIL offered to watch Dylan in the midst of the family togetherness so that Ben and I could go out. She didn't have to ask us twice!

Happy 7th Anniversary, Benjamin! I love you more today!


Taylor Kowallis said...

Gosh you guys are cute!! Happy 7 years!!! MUAH!

Alyssa said...

Such a cute couple! Congrats on your anniversary!!

Megan Payne said...

I'd LOVE a piece of that cake!!!! Happy anniversary!!!!

Kaley said...

You look beautiful in your anniversary picture! I can't believe it's been 7 years, either!