Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty product update.

Good afternoon, friends!

Remember the time when I raved about how amazing and life changing Tresemee dry shampoo was? Well, I have recently discovered a dry shampoo that I love even more, and I am not one to keep an awesome product a secret.
There was nothing really wrong with the TRESemme dry shampoo, but I was starting to feel like it wasn't working as well as it did in the beginning. My hair no longer looked rejuvinated after a few sprays, and I often felt gross with my second day hair. Also, the darn thing would always get clogged. Grrr!

I started looking into some other brands such as Bumble and Bumble and Oscar Blandi for their dry shampoos, but after reading a lot of reviews (as well as seeing the much higher prices) I decided that I wasn't sold on either. As luck would have it, I found something that pointed me in the right direction. I was clicking around the interwebs and I came across a beauty blog (can't remember which one, blast!) that said that the Suave dry shampoo was much better and much cheaper than the other brands.

I didn't need any further persuasion- I went to Target the next day to get myself a bottle. And you know what? I love it! It is powerful, mess-free, and has a yummy grapefruit smell. So that's where I'm at on the dry shampoo front- off team TRESemme, and on team Suave.
And while I'm on the subject of beauty products, can I just give a hats off to my fab husband for getting me the best beauty set for Christmas?
I am in love with the Laura Mercier Mini Edition Lip Glace Set. The colors are all perfect. Seriously, not a dud in the bunch. Perfect amount of shine, perfect amount of pigment. My favorite colors are the two on the right, but really all five are great. If you're in the market for new lip color, check these out.


Ashley said...

I was home last week visiting my fam. My sister uses the Suave dry shampoo and she loves it. I thought of you. I tried some and it was okay - (but nothing can really help my hair when I haven't washed it). The thing I loved about it, though was the fragrance! It smelled like I was wearing perfume - but it was light and airy (because it was in my hair). I think I may continue to use it just because I like the smell so much! :-)

Alyssa said...

I swear by Suave! I tried that one first and loved it then none of the Wal-Mart stores around me had it so I was forced to switch to Treseme. Although it smells fabulous, I am not really sold on it. :(

Heather said...

I used the treseme kind first and hated it! I LOVE the Suave brand! I like to use it even when my hair is clean, just to give my hair a little more texture. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to Ojon's dry shampoo but it's expensivo ($25/bottle) - it would be great to have a budget-friendly version like this one! Can't wait to try it!

Miller Fam said...

I use the Suave as well and love it :)

stacey said...

I used the Treseme at Sarah's suggestion but wasn't ever a huge fan because of the smell. It drove me crazy. I bought the Suave this weekend and I've used it twice and I like the smell so much better! I also like the Suave because it doesn't leave my hair looking as dull as the Treseme did. Good suggestion!

Chrissi said...

i am obsessed with the suave professionals! way better than any other i've tried & the small is amazeballs!