Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If I have to ask, do I already have my answer?

It's no secret that I have a love for nail polish. Looooooooove it. This love started way back in elementary school when my friend and I found a page in a magazine advertising a contest to create a new nail polish color. Mixing colors, finding new colors, and decorating nails with patterns became a hobby of ours. 

And now, years later, the love continues. 

But that's not what I'm wanting to discuss today. What I want to discuss is this: are brightly painted nails unprofessional in the workplace? 

Let me preface the discussion with some info about my workplace. I work for a government agency, and the everyday dress is nice casual (a step down from business casual), unless you're going to court that day. Four days out of 5 I am wearing jeans with a top. The dresscode is not too strict. 

Here's a peek at my nail polish collection:
{This isn't even all of it. Some of my favorites are lurking about in purses and whatnot}

You notice that there are a lot of colors in the pink-red spectrum, which are entirely work appropriate in my eyes. There is also purple, green, blue, and orange. 

I think I've worn every one of my colors to work at some time or another. But when I asked Ben if my newest shade of purple was work appropriate he said, "If you have to ask, I think you have your answer. No, it's not."

What do you think?


Jamie said...

I think if Virginia wears funky colors to court every day, you're good with funky colors at work. :)

Terri and Jack said...

I would stay away from the greens, blues, purples, yellows. I saw a person at work with gray- and to me- it looks unprofessional and a bit immature. Just saying....

Kaley said...

I think I agree with your mom.

Anonymous said...

colors are all the rage right now. even joan rivers had some electric blue on for fashion police and then the next day on qvc - don't ask how i happened upon that, i just did. anyway, the moral of the story is this: go with makes you feel lovely. and in style. and with your personality. plus those govey peeps don't care. remember the attorney with purple hair? just don't peirce your eyebrow or gauge your ears and i think you will be good. love ya!!

Kathleen said...

I would definitely stay away from royal blue, yellow, hot pink, neon orange. Other than that, I think that if your dress is "nice casual," you're probably fine with a light purple. You also need to rock it with confidence!

Chrissi said...

any color is a good color these days! i'm with allison, go with what makes you feel lovely! i can honestly say that i change my color at least three times a week...i love nail color as much as (if not more than) i love lip gloss!! have a great weekend, Chrissi!

xo, chrissi

gretchen said...

Chris! Catching up on your blog and I read this and had to comment. As you know, I am also nail-polish obsessed. Remember when we tried to mix and name our own color for a Chanel contest?!?! Haha! Wish we still had that sheet of paper with all of the "samples"!