Monday, February 6, 2012

Zumba: A few observations.

Over the past year or so I have had an on/off love affair with Zumba. The "on" part is pretty self-explanatory, but the "off" means I suddenly and violently fall off the Zumba wagon, only to start up again a few months. There is no reason why I quit going, other than laziness. Laziness aside,  ever since my first class I've loved it, despite feeling like I have absolutely no rhythm or dancing ability. Just like this:

Sad, but true.

 Lately I have been going to Zumba every Thursday evening at the gym. It's a fun workout, and I always feel much better after going, at least once I get over my lack of dance ability. {sidenote: yes, I was a gymnast and cheerleader for years... no that does not mean I am graceful or even a little good at dancing.}

Here are a few of my observations from Zumba:

1. The girls in the front are regular attenders who know most of the dances. The sorry folk in the back... well, they're still learning. If you're not completely confident in your Zumba-ing, there's no shame in hiding in the middle of the pack. 
2. The guys in the class are there for two reasons: either they're being dragged to the class by their wives, or they're trying to hit on a girl in the class. Serious, once we get to the chest shimmies most guys are ready to sprint to the door. 
3. Latecomers do not respect the personal space bubble. Ugh. This one drives me crazy. If you get to class late that doesn't mean that it's ok to squish next to me and act like nothing happened. I need some space around me, and your flailing arms are dangerously close to my face. To avoid this situation, plant yourself far away from the door. Latecomers rarely venture into the middle of the pack.
4. Keep your eyes focused on the instructor, not your reflection. Just watch the teacher dance and follow her lead. If you try to see what you look like on your own you will be severely disappointed. Review the above picture for a reminder. 
5. Take comfort in the fact that no one is watching you and your terrible dancing. They're too focused on themselves and trying to get the hang on the dances too. Unless you see a cruel person laughing outside of the Zumba room, looking at you... then disregard my previous statement.


Sarah said...

Good wrap-up of Zumba. Amen to late comers. Zumba needs space! I've been a couple times, but I need to do more! It's fun.

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Chrissi, this is sooo funny...and informative! I've been wanting to try Zumba for a while but I haven't mustered up the courage yet (for fear of looking like Jim Carrey in that picture). If and when I do sign up for a class I'll keep in mind your Zumba etiquette ;).