Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend getaway.

Over the weekend Ben, Dylan, and I headed to Las Vegas to see some of our best friends, Nathan and Taylor Kowallis. I've known Taylor since I was 10 years old, and we've always had a great time together. Having married couples as friends can be tricky, as all four people must like each other, you know? Luckily, the four of us get along perfectly and we always end up having a great time together. 

We headed out of town on Friday afternoon and arrived in Las Vegas by dinnertime. Dylan was a great sport during the 5 hour drive and only had a few moments of whining.

We ate dinner, hung out, and watched the kiddos play. Dylan was the one boy playing with three little girls! Dylan got very upset whenever he would see me playing with 10 month old Emme- he is quite possessive of his mama. 

Saturday morning the boys went golfing, and the girls (plus Dylan) went to a fabulous park to let the kids run around and enjoy the amazing 65 degree February weather. 

Isn't this park cool? I had the hardest time keeping track of Dylan, because he was running around so much!

Dylan and Jordan
I seriously love this picture! Dylan was obsessed with the birds at the park and spent a lot of time chasing them around. Peyton joined in the fun and the poor birds were in trouble! Luckily, the birds were too quick for the kiddos. 

Taylor arranged for a sitter to come on Saturday night and the grown ups got to go out on a date! Hooray! We ended up eating at a sushi place and cracked each other up. 
The restaurant had the coolest lights! They looked a little more Moroccan than Japanese, but hey, I'm not judging. They were beautiful!
The fabulous hosts!

After dinner we headed to the movies to see "This Means War." Lots of laughs, lots of eye candy. I was a little afraid for the babysitter, as Dylan has a tough time with new people watching him. The sitter was amazing and had Dylan fed, bathed, and put to bed by the time we came home. Amazing!

On Sunday we headed home after going to church with Nathan and Taylor. It was a great trip--although too short!-- and we had so much fun! Thanks to the Kowallis family for a perfect weekend!

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Taylor Kowallis said...

awe, we looooooved having you! Please come back and visit soon!!! (ps I HATE that picture of me, woof!)