Thursday, February 9, 2012

Intervention: Husband fashion.

My sweet husband is not very fussy when it comes to fashion. He has little interest in trends, and you'll never, ever catch this man in a cardigan or anything that hints of hipster.  That being said, he is no slob. His clothes are always clean and matching. 

For the past few months I have been trying to get him to buy some new jeans. His jeans are all from Abercrombie, purchased around 2005. They're very baggy, lighter wash, and full of holes. While that look may be acceptable for a 18 year old college boy, my husband is definitely out of that stage. He's an adult with a career and a family. Husband was way overdue for some new jeans.

At first I was just dropping hints like, "Maybe you should get new jeans, since all of yours are worn out. What do you think?" After awhile I stopped being so subtle, saying, "You look like you're 18. Maybe some straight leg Levis would look great? In a dark wash?" Still, no action. Finally, I would just look at him at random times throughout the day and say, "Levis. Dark wash. Straight leg. Macys."

My subtle (and not so subtle) hinting finally paid off, because I received this picture from the husband:

He was finally buying new jeans! In a dark wash, straight leg, with no holes! I call them his grown up jeans, and I compliment them multiple times each day. He looks great in them- like a handsome man, rather than a 29 year old who is dressing like a teenager. Yay!

Tell me: Have you ever had to intervene in your husband or significant other's fashion choices? How did it work out?


The Clems said...

On our first date, david was wearing stone wash tapered jeans, a braided leather belt, a red and white flanel shirt and (heres the kicker) teal Nikes. It was really bad. As we got more serious i put the kabosh on that. I still tease him to this day about that outfit! Let it be known that i buy all of his clothes now :)

Terri and Jack said...

Your dad dresses very nicely and always has... EXCEPT for the golf clothes. I do NOT like sweater vests!!
And- I did put the kabosh of the multicolored sweaters that looked nice in the 1980's and 90's... but not in this century.

sarahbclark! said...

i hate the way T dresses outside of work. it's usually something with a "columbus north football" logo on it, or some other sports related polo or sweatshirt. mostly in man-made fibers that come from nike or adidas. nothing i can do!

Happy Harrison said...

(said in the most kind way possible) have you seen him? yeah, I've tried. He may be the most stubborn man alive.