Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love the Love Day.

Valentine's Day is fairly low-key in our home. Husband and I exchange gifts. We stay in and might order takeout. We send a few extra "I love you" texts throughout the day. Nothing huge and ridiculous, but still very, very nice. 
The gifts are always very nice and appreciated. Ben won husband of the year and got me laser hair removal(!!!) for V-Day, along with the Blu Ray for Breaking Dawn. He also got me a stellar card:

I got him this:
That would be a cutout of a pair of pants I ordered him, but have not yet arrived {Eek, bad wife}. Also, I got him a bunch of cinnamon bears, as they are his favorite. Unfortunately, I wasn't planning on him coming home last night with this:
Yep, a huuuuuge bag of cinnamon bears. Darn you, husband!
He was still a great sport this morning. The more cinnamon bears, the merrier I guess. 

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! 
And Happy Birthday to my Dad and little niece Evvie! 

And in the wise words of Winnie the Pooh...

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