Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whop, whop.

My apologies to all over my recent lack of blogging. I really do love to blog- it's just a nice outlet for me, and is as good as I'm going to be when it comes to keeping a journal. Since my last post, something strange has been happening. Whenever I think about sitting down to post something my mind has gone completely blank and I've felt like there is nothing in the world that I feel like posting about.... strange. We all know that isn't the case. So much to write about. 

If nothing else, I could write an essay on how Ben is the worst Bachelor ever, solely because of his unfortunate hair cut, and his more unfortunate resemblance to Francine: 

I know that it is absolutely ridiculous to get wrapped up in a reality show that does not resemble reality at all, but I just love it. The Bachelor is my favorite train wreck. Crazy girls, ridiculous boy, disgustingly extravagant dates... it's the best. 

Anyone want to guess how long Ben and his final lady stick together? I'm going with three months after the finale airs, tops. 

Now next season of the Bachelorette? Cannot wait. I absolutely adore Emily Maynard and I can't wait to see what her season holds. 

Now I have to cut this pitiful post short, because my video baby monitor shows Dylan waking up. Have a great day, and I promise to post something a little less lame tomorrow. 


Lindsay Marie said...

hahaha! I TOTALLY thought that Ben looked like Francine and have been meaning to tell someone. That is seriously who I picture anytime I see him.

The Clems said...

Thats the funniest pic ever. Thanks for sharing!

Kaley said...

I had actually been a fan of Ben until he insisted on being stupid about Courtney. Then when he sent Kacie B home, it was over for me. She was my favorite and now I have no respect for him. I'm not even pulling for one girl over the other in the finale--I think they're both annoying, and he has become annoying as well so hey, they deserve each other.