Monday, March 10, 2008

Going back to my roots

Ok friends, I need some advice. I'm thinking of going back to my roots- my brown ones, that is. For the past... say... seven years, I have been coloring or highlighting my hair. As fun as it is, I have been seriously thinking about returning to brown. Mind you, my natural color is barely brown... more of a dishwater, mousy light brown. I'm thinking about going for something a little more dramatic, a little more brown than my lameo light brown. I do like my blondness... I make it a point in my life to follow the look of Kelly Ripa, but I see all these cute brunettes lately and I want to try it. Ben says I should go for it, because "it'll make my cheeks look all cute and rosy." His words, not mine. I shouldn't criticize, because getting him to give his opinion about girly topic is like pulling teeth. I need suggestions people! Shades of brown, pictures to illustrate, etc.

This color is kind of what I'm thinking: