Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have a mother and she's coming to visit me. ME!

Hooray, my mom is coming to visit me! I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, and about a month ago I began to get a little homesick. To cure this homesickness, I guilted my mom into flying across the country for a long weekend with her favorite daughter. Thursday is the day of this fab reunion and she stays until Monday. I want this to be an exciting weekend, so I have all sorts of activities planned:
-Color Me Mine
-seeing "Penelope" at the movies
-temple square
-attending a friend's birthday party
-visiting the twins
-cooking dinner (this truly is an event for me)
-Easter egg hunt in my house
-shopping, duh. That's what Bartnett women do.

Get ready, because Terri is coming to town!


The Clems said...

Have a great time with your mom!

Angela and Mike said...

Moms are the best...expecially when they visit! How fun. Are you going to come to Vegas to visit the little twins once they move?

Taylor Kowallis said...

yay for terri! I cant wait to see her too!!

Terri said...

I Can't wait until tomorrow!! It will be so nice to spend time with you, Chrissi. And- it doesn't matter what we DO... as long as we get to just be together! See you in 24!!

Sarah & Ty said...

How fun. I hope I get to see you guys! Maybe at the bday party????

sarahbclark! said...

what's this about a favorite daughter?? sounds like crazy talk to me!