Monday, March 24, 2008

The visit came and went :(

I was seriously so excited for my mom to come visit as mentioned in the previous blog. It was a super fabulous weekend- couldn't have been better. Maybe longer, perhaps. Here's the rundown of our activities, as compared to my previously planned list:

Bowling: check
Color Me Mine: check
Movies: check check (Penelope AND The Other Boleyn Girl)
Evan's birthday party: check
Visiting the twins: check
Cooking dinner: check (yummy roast)
Easter egg hunt in my house: check
Shopping: check

Lunches at Rumbi, Cafe Rio, and Mimi's
Costco visits
Almost facials (the chick canceled on us last minute)
Hearing my mom's life story
Making a delish lunch

Now I just have to look forward to vacation in May... seems so far away :(

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Terri said...

Chrissi-- I LOVED spending that time with you!! You're right... it couldn't have been better. I hope that you weren't TOO bored with my life story... at least it wasn't told all at once. (Just segments at a time). It's funny how you get to know your parents all over again when you are grown up. We can relate to each other as wonderful wonderful friends- and not just as parent/child.