Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's the little things

Ben and I are pretty easy to please. Take last night for instance. We went to Target and bought a teeny birthday cake. We even had it written on:

Neither of us have birthdays or even half birthdays coming up, so we figured having "Way to be awesome" would cut it.

We also gave our cats some catnip, or should I say catpot. They were all about it- rolling around in it and whatnot. The rest of our Saturday evening was spent watching a Friends season 7 marathon. Thank you Taylor for letting us borrow all 10 seasons!


Sarah & Ty said...

I love you guys. I haven't checked your blog in awhile. I don't know crack me up!

Love the new work idea. Even if does mean Utah sounds really good. Keep us updated!

Lindsay Marie said...

wait. what is the new work idea??

haha, I LOVE the "way to be awesome" cake. Sooo funny. What did they say when you asked them to put is on there? I'm thinking of making some way-to-be-awesome cinnamon rolls this week.

sarahbclark! said...

i was just about to write what sarah wrote, that you guys crack me up! you and ben, in your own little "beanis and christanka" world. how was the cake, by the way?

Morgan said...

You guys are too funny!!

Lindsay Marie said...

chrissi, I can't get your blog to let me leave a comment on your most recent post... but I think you should def. go for it. DEFINITELY... I think it would be so fun and dramatic. If you hate it you can always go back to blond. I like the idea of some light honey/carmel highlights in the Jennifer Garner photo.