Saturday, March 1, 2008

No more Solo Saturdays!

As many of you know, Ben has been a truck driver for about a year and a half. That means he is gone from 10ish on Friday night until 1 or 2am on Sunday. Which means no weekends together. Ever. Even though it's no fun, I've gotten used to it. I save my errands for Saturday and usually stay really busy. That was then. Solo Saturdays are officially in the past. What happened?

Just a little bit of fabulousness, that's all

As of last week, Ben is no longer a truck driver! Wahoo! He decided to start working as the office manger of an auto repair shop. He did this for the first half of our marriage, but stopped due to the grueling dental pre-reqs. It was impossible to work almost full-time during the week, go to school full-time, and deal with impossible classes. Now that Ben has decided against the dental thing and pushed full-force toward business, he no longer has to study 8 hours a day! So he can work during the week! At a job that gives him weekends free!

Ladies and Gentleman, I have my husband back on weekends!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

That is wonderful! And that pictures is perfect!!! lol

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Oops, one picture. lol Sorry about that extra "s". ;)

~Aimee~ said...

Hooray for weekends together! Today is my first Saturday at home, the first of many more. It's so nice to be together on the weekends!

Lindsay Marie said...

horray! I am so excited for you both. What are you going to do on your first weekend together?

suzie romans said...

I say yeah too! Lindsay usually keeps me posted on things... but then I looked at your blog. That is great news for you! Hope you are good....I am going to try your recipe one of these days.
Love, Suz

sarahbclark! said...

i'm glad you and ben will get your weekends together at last!