Saturday, April 19, 2008

I stand corrected.

After yesterday at the Scrapbook Expo, I must say I am a scrapper in training. Seriously, there was so much awesome stuff there. My only regret was that I didn't bring more money to spend- my $20 seemed to run out way too quickly :(

Anyway, here's the run-down. I picked Jaime up at 5:30, we met up with Allison at 6 in the Expo center parking lot. We got amazing parking spots, I must say. At 6 am I was #74 in line. Crazy! The first lady in line had been there since 12:30 am.

Anyway, we waited until 9, when we were allowed to go it. It was like sensory overload- so much paper, stamps, kits, etc... it was really fun though. We shopped until noon, went to the Mayan for lunch (gotta love the diving shows), came back and scrapped and shopped some more. I wasn't wanting to scrap much- it would be real expensive to start from scratch- so I made some cute cards, which I loved doing.

Around 5 pm I left (Jaime and Allison stayed- I think they were trying to make it to midnight) to hang out with Benjamin. I had planned to try and sell my amazing parking spot, since most people were parking up to 1/2 mile away. Alas, there was no one around when I got to my car, so no spot selling for me. Here are some pictures of the fun:

Our scrapbooking table

A small taste of the ridiculousness that this expo is- it's huge!

Proud of my 3 super-cute cards


baby's got blue eyes said...

Yay! I Love the photos! I'm so glad you had fun! We are going to have to get together again and scrap our little hearts out!

Sarah & Ty said...

that sounds like a fun day. I have 2 friends that worked this. Well one sorta runs the whole thing (she works at Roberts and does Good Things Utah segments) the other does a craft segment on CBS noon news every other Friday. They must be serious scrappers. I am not. I agree--way fun ,but WAY too much money to get involved. I've gone the semi-digi route and order books on shutterfly or Costco.

Can't wait for the PARTY tonight!

sarahbclark! said...

your cards ARE super cute! way to go, chrissi!