Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tag (again)

What I am doing: Putting off cleaning my house
What I’m proud of today: not letting myself get flustered when I realized I was running way late.
What I’m thinking about: why I cannot figure out how to make a cute blog background. I've read the instructions and I still don't get it.
Who is home:me, Oscar, Moo
Plans tonight: relax! I had a crazy week at work and I need to unwind.
My weekend was: still in the middle of it. Super fun so far- graduation party and baby shower. All I need is some shopping for it to be perfect.
What’s for dinner: who knows- probably cereal. I don't cook for myself when it's just me at home.
Thoughts about love:makes life worth living
Feelings about life: too short to worry about everything. You only get one life, so make it good. Spend time with people you love, have adventures, take risks.
What I need: family, friends, cute shoes
What I want: to be independently wealthy
What I have: a great life
My pet peeve: people who talk on their phones when they're checking out at stores.
My guilty pleasure: Hanson, The Hills
What I can hear: the trashy kids across the street screaming
What I can smell: spring air- I love having my windows open!
My style: mostly classic with a few trendy pieces. Banana and Nordstom keep me happy and clothed.
My hairdo: newly brown, shoulder length w/ a few long layers
My outfit: Banana jeans, Banana striped top, charm necklace
My mood: quite content
The weather today: warm-ish, sunny
Thoughts on parenting: eh, I don't want to think about it. It's very important though. I do know that.
Thoughts on marriage: fabulous. Doesn't get better than having your life with your best friend.
Thoughts on politics: I really don't have many opinions about it. Apparently I'm a Democrat, according to an online questionnaire.
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: escapism at its best
Thoughts on beauty: it comes from within. One's personality can enhance or detract from one's looks.
Thoughts on sleep: I loooove to sleep. I need 8-9 hours each night to feel rested.
Thoughts on writing: I don't do it enough. I constantly feel a little guilty for never writing in my journal, because I know that I'll wish I did when I'm old.
My favorite appliance: without question, my Little Green Machine (Bissel carpet cleaner)
My favorite car: Lexus RX 400h.
hMy favorite splurge: clothes, dug
My favorite beauty secret: a good skincare regimen is key. And sunscreen!
My favorite treat: chocolate anything
Ten years ago: Almost finished with the 7th grade. Just got busted for kissing my boyfriend in the hall at school and was probably still grounded for it. Did high jump and long jump on the track team.
Five years ago: Almost finished with high school. No boyfriend, having a blast with my girlfriends. Getting prepared for senior prom.
One year ago: Graduated from BYU, unemployed but on the job search.
One year from now: Probably still working for DCFS, hopefully getting ready to buy our first place.
Five years from now: I'll probably have a kid... can't be just an aunt forever, right?
Ten years from now: I'll be in the thick of raising a family- scary!
I’m famous for: how much I love to shop? Loving to clean?
I’ll never be famous for: being a workaholic
Who I am: a very blessed girl.
Who I hope to be: someone that other people want to be around
What I’m thankful for: lots and lots. My family, my friends, good jobs, the Gospel, living in a free nation, having running water and flushing toilets, Spanx.... seriously, this could go on and on.


anderson said...

I love spanx too. Can't live without them. I also think that you are great and fun person and I am glad that we are friends. Reading this reminded me of why I like you. I also think you need to be a little more honest about your guilty pleasures - such as being a world saving social worker.

Sarah & Ty said...

Thanks for playing along. I want to comment on so many things...lets see. First, your blog looks cute! Do you want a separate background page? Is that the problem? I just changed mine & i think the lady made a mistake in the directions. I have a solution for you, I think.

I want to make a comment about the workaholic but I can't remember the line from the movie with Owen Wilson where he says in a job interview--if you're looking for a workhorse, that's not me.

lastly you are just so cute & happy/optimistic. I loved reading the whole thing. And you are FOR SURE a person people want to be around.