Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh goodness, I am so happy that the weekend is finally here. This week started out fairly normal- I had some work meetings and home visits to do. I even had a trial to go to. Nothing too crazy.
Until Tuesday.

I learned that as the result of the trial I would be required to make a little work trip to Las Vegas. Before you start thinking, "Wow, Vegas is so fun! Lucky you!"- think again. This was not a cush work trip. It was a work work trip. No cush.

Thursday (day of trip) required waking up at 5:30am, catching an 8:30 flight, getting a rental car for the first time in my life, navigating through foreign Las Vegas (including scary north LV), dealing with some truly difficult people, being seriously worried that I was going to miss my flight back, boarding a 5:45 pm return flight, not being able to find luggage (no, I did not personally lose my luggage... like I would need a suitcase for a day trip... unless I planned on doing a great deal of shopping, which I did not do), and much much more.

When I returned home at 10:30 pm I can say with all honesty that I've never been so exhausted in my life. Really. I got home, managed to eat an Arby's roast beef (my husband is excellent- I called him at 10:15 begging him to have an Arby's rb waiting for me, as well as two Tylenols. He one-upped me: Arby's, Tylenol, AND a Toblerone. What a stud!)

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I slept like a rock. I had just finished one of the most difficult days of my life... hopefully things slow down a bit after this- my sanity depends on it.

*sorry if this post is lacking details- due to the nature of my job, I couldn't post any info that could violate any confidentiality agreements... trust me, it was a dramatic day*


Lissagerl said...

Wow, that is quite a work trip!! I never got to do anything "fun" like that. Hope everything got taken care of and you don't have to do it again :)

anderson said...

sounds as good as my Oregon trip. do you still like your job? welcome to the life of a world saving social worker.

ps - i think you might need a night of scrap to rejuvinate yourself.

pss - don't quit it will get better

Terri said...

I know that you left out a bunch of details- so you were only able to put in the framework of the drama. I am just so proud of you, and what you do. You have no idea of the impact of your work. But, now you know that you can do some really hard stuff that is completely out of your comfort zone. I'm just glad that you arrived back home safe and sound. Love you much,

Lindsay Marie said...

oh my gosh, please tell me that you are an undercover bounty hunter.


that sounds pretty crazy. I'm glad you at least got a toblerone out of the deal.

Heather + Billy + some= more said...

Oh girl you should have called me to at least help you navigate the town!
I know it's not on this post... but I really do love the dark hair. Hopefully you've gotten used to it now!