Sunday, April 20, 2008

Viva Las Vegas party

Last night Ben and I hosted a "Viva Las Vegas" going away party for the Kowallis family. They're moving to Vegas at the end of the month, so we figured that one last get-together with all the Columbus people (plus a few others) was in order. It was a great party- food, poker, friends... a great send-off for Taylor and Nathan.
*Highlight of the night*
Ben came up behind Katie Clem and slapped her on the butt, thinking she was me. Ben obviously isn't used to my brown hair :)

Here are some pictures from the night:

Taylor managed to dump an entire bottled water on herself in the first 30 minutes of the party. Luckily, she was wearing a black shirt and it wasn't noticeable.

Me and Annalise

Good friends
Me and Ben- no longer the redhead and the blonde


sarahbclark! said...

i LOVE your hair!!!! you look so hot. and love your shirt. and you guys are so fun.
i think i'll be going darker next- not as dark as you but i'm tired of the blondness.

The Clems said...

Ben got a little frisky! That was so hilarious! Thanks for inviting us!

Morgan said...

Too funny that he slapped her butt!

Morgan said...

and I also LOVE the hair!

Nici said...

It looks like you all had fun. It is sad to see the Taylor and Nathan leave. I know you all are really close here in Utah. We wish them luck!
P.S. Since Ryan is from indiana and we are never invited to the "Indiana" stuff who does eveyone not like?... me or him?
Just Kidding--don't answer that. But, we wonld like to hang out sometime...we like you guys! Ry likes to hang out with the Indiana crowd.

Lindsay Marie said...

Love Love Love the hair... and that you are being accused of being the cleaning lady. Maybe you should go on strike... then he'll know the difference.

post more pics of the new 'do!

Skinner Family said...

I love your hair! it's HOTT! it looks SO good on you.

Angela and Mike said...

hahaha, I laughed so hard when I heard Ben slapped another girl on the butt. how funny. I like the hair and you are going to have to come visit the Kowallis family and US in vegas!

Sarah & Neal Most said...

You look good as a brunette. Its not fair how blondes can go to brunette, but it is tricky for a brunette to go blonde. I put too many highlights in once and it looked horrible.

Suzie Soda said...

I love the new hair look great.
Being the cleaning lady could be kind of it to the hilt, baby. Maybe the French Maid.

Sounds like you are the party is always nice to have a friend who loves to throw parties.