Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy birthday boyfriend.

Today is Ben's 26th birthday- hooray! Unfortunately, we both have to work all day, but we started birthday celebrations this morning and will resume the festivities after work today.

The celebrating began at 6 am with cake (pictured below), presents, a fabulous breakfast, and the golf channel. Yes, that is a golf cake.

Here are a few (not 26) reasons why Ben is so cool:

- he has adorable orange hair. He hates it when I call him ginger though.

- he thinks up really fun games, such as "quadripalegic." FYI, there is nothing sexual about that game. Just so you know.

- he's a wonderful provider and works his butt off with little to no complaining.

-he allows me to be me, which includes my over-active need to shop and decorate. He just rolls his eyes and lets me be.

- he loves our cats just as much as I do, even though he likes people to think that he hates them.

Happy Birthday BenjaMan! I love you!


Lindsay Marie said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

My favorite Ben memory: the cake he made for your bday right before you guys got married. FYI, (and no offense to his cake) but this golf cake is SO much better. Way to go for keeping up with your skilz.

Jess said...

Cute Cake!

Terri and Jack said...

Happy Birthday to Ben!! Your card is in the mail.

Crazy McWife said...

Happy Birthday to your Ben!

I talked to Issac and he said we should have you guys over for dinner one of these days. :) (When he's home, anyway, it's hard to plan in advance!) Then Ben can see how hyper Maggie is, and see if he *really* still wants a boxer. Better yet, maybe we should let you guys keep her for a weekend? LOL J/K (but really, I'm not!) :)

Taylor Kowallis said...

awe yay! Happy Birthday Ben! We love you too!!! I miss you! Nathan and I hope to be visiting soon but we are still working out the details! I miss you times a million bagillion!