Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Things: A Love Story, part 3

Not having any phone messages at work. I get so excited when I walk into my office at the beginning of the day, look at my phone, and do not see a blinking red light. The light indicates messages. Messages=stress. The fewer calls I have to return the better.

This TV show. I don't know why I love it- it's just about transforming filthy, cluttered houses into cute, organized ones. Nicey Nash, the show's host, is really spunky and always says funny things about the house being a hot mess and uses the word "mayhem" a lot.

My new dining room table! The dining set Ben and I had was seriously on it's last leg (no pun intended). We got it for free a few weeks after getting married and I have hated it for about 3 years. The chairs were very ghetto and it really wasn't my style. It was country cottage, which is not me. No, no. Fear not, because our new dining set is very me. I am in love with it and am even more in love with Ben for letting it come home with us.

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sarahbclark! said...

nicey is so awesome. did you know most of the people on that show are comedians rather than organizational gurus? it explains a lot about why they always have funny things to say!