Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something just clicked.

"They're not even real cops! They're strippers! Look how hot they are!" -Gob Bluth
Ok. I really am not about publicly making fun of people I don't really know (good friends are always game though), but I finally had a realization about a certain bailiff/deputy something that I always see in court.
This certain bailiff is all muscled out, tan, and seems to think he's pretty hot. Except that he's not. I've always wondered where he got his inspiration for his look and then it hit me.
He must be a fan of Arrested Development. Where else would he have learned about how awesome it is to be a "hot cop?"


sarahbclark! said...

i LOVE A.D. do you watch the new 90210? if you do, you'll notice that "lucille bluth" is now "aunt becky's" MIL. she's totally not as entertaining and it's disappointing that she's now in a minor role with hardly any humor. well, they try to play her off as some kooky old actress but it's not an original feel.
but back to you. you should try to sneak a picture of this guy to post on here.

Anonymous said...

it could be between two - but one i love

Angela and Mike said...

I love A.D, and I love that quote. haha.

Lindsey said...