Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scrapbook Expo take 2.

This past weekend I had my second go at Scrapbook Expo with my friends Allison and Jaime.

We spent Thursday night in Sandy before arriving at the Expo center at 5:45 am Friday morning. I'm really not that hard core, but my friends are, and they drag me along.

A highlight was being picked to be on channel 13 news and getting some free scrapbook stuff. After the news clip aired I received a call from Ben saying that my mouth was hanging open during the tv clip. Nice.

Now I just have to look forward to the next Expo, which is in March.


Anonymous said...

k i am over you saying that you are not as into it as we are. you have fallen into the scrap trap and you love it so much. i bet you already have a countdown made up somewhere for the one in march. you went over budget x, so that makes you hardcore. it was fun though.

Lindsey said...

how fun! At one of those a little while back my friend from work was picked to be on the channel 13 news too!

sarahbclark! said...

can you find the clip online? i want to see!