Thursday, November 6, 2008

One last thing.

I leave for the hospital in about 30 minutes- luckily it's only 4 blocks away from my house. So here's to me being a hop-a-long for the next 8 weeks- yaaaaay.

Thanks foot, you've been great. It's just that fugly bunion that I hate so much. Please don't take offense, foot.

And just for fun, here are my crazy cats, Oscar and Moo. They were sleeping like this before I came in with the camera. Moo loves having my mom here, but Oscar is still hissing like mad.


Morgan said...

Oh, poor dear! I bet you will be happy to have that gone. Ouch!

And a cat question. Did you get your cats at the same time? If got Penny a kitty-friend, would they hate each other or would it be fun. Is having 2 cats a lot more work or mess?

The crazy cat-lady

renae said...

chrissi, holy crap! that bunion HAD to be terminated. i can't believe how big it was-- it had to hurt like crazy! i hope you are feeling well soon.

Melissa Butler said...

hey chrissy, glad your surgery went well. you're shoes will probably fit better now. you're cats are adorable

sarahbclark! said...

that is one gross bunion. i'm glad you're rid of it now.