Friday, November 21, 2008

Trying to be an early bird.

I've decided to start my Christmas shopping today, rather than waiting until the last minute. The main thing I want to avoid is getting caught in this:Christmas crowds and lines seriously make me want to throw up. Slow people, stupid people, indecisive people.... geez, get out of my way! That's some Christmas spirit for you, right? All things Christmas I love, except for the Christmas shopping crowds... that doesn't make me a Scrooge, does it?

Onto foot news, here are some pictures... if you don't want to see them, don't look.

Here are my feet 1 week after surgery. My surged foot went from looking green, brown, purple, and blue following the surg. Also, my toes were soooo swollen.
Here's my foot today. I still have to have it all wrapped and booted, but this is what it looks like without all that. Still some bruising and swelling, but the stitches are gone.
Also, it appears that Ashlee Simpson had her baby... and named him Bronx Mowgli. My guess that he was conceived in the Bronx while Ashlee and Pete were watching "The Jungle Book." Any other guesses?


sarahbclark! said...

pete said they wanted to give him a name that would work for both a rock star and a senator. and in that case Bronx is the first thing that came to MY mind, of course.
i got a chill up my back when i looked at the foot pics.
also, i get disgusted with malls at christmas too. all those crazy money-spenders and excess. i'll have to wear my shirt that says "materialism makes me cry". but it's ironic, of course, since i'm guily at times as well. :)

Jaime Wilkins said...

I went to the mall last week and it was swamped. Good luck with shopping early! I'm trying to do most of mine on!