Friday, November 28, 2008

All I need for Christmas...

Are cooking lessons.

It's true, I definitely have some difficulties in the kitchen. Seems like every meal I make has some type of mistake or mixup, thus limiting the deliciousness of my meals.

Case in point: The day before Thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to soak my 1 1/2 pound turkey breast (it was just going to be me and Ben at Thanksgiving dinner, mind you) in Martha Stewart's turkey brine. The recipe was for a full-sized turkey, however I cut the ingredients to 1/4 to better suit my turkey. Except for the salt. Forgot to reduce that one. Definitely used 1 1/2 cups salt. The result was an insanely salty turkey. Ben and I both took a bite and then threw it out. The upside: all other food was great.

Now that I think about it, maybe I don't need cooking lessons. Maybe I need direction-following lessons. Send me back to 2nd grade please!

Not to be a Debbie Downer, here's something I'm thankful for:
I definitely filled up my tank for $21.44... God Bless America and our unstable economy.

Another exciting event took place on Tuesday... I ventured out for my first athletic(ish) activity since the surg: Bowling at Fat Cats. I definitely felt like a nerd for clomping around in my boot while trying to bowl, but I amazingly achieved my all-time, bumper free high score of 134. Here's a picuture of me and my boyfriend at Fat Cats:

We love each other.

Happy Thanksgiving (belated) everyone!


sarahbclark! said...

i can just imagine you clunking down the alley in your boot. and happy belated thanksgiving to you! sad about your salty turkey!
i'm here in st. louis. i went to the mall today and FINALLY got some boots with my birthday gift card!

Anonymous said...

all i ever hear about is your fabulous post dinner stories at work. i am pretty sure the turkey was delicious. i had halibut.

Taylor Kowallis said...

chrissi you look amazing!!! SO good! I hope I get to see you next week! I miss you TONS but I understand if you cant make it! Love you