Friday, January 7, 2011

15 months!

Dylan turned 15 months old the other day and we celebrated by getting his first hair cut. 

Dylan was getting quite the mullet, so it was definitely time. I had been nervous about his haircut all day, since I have become one of those moms- you know, the ones who stress over their baby turning into a little boy after their first cut and saving a piece of their baby hair. I know.

Here are a few pictures from the momentous first cut:

The shaggy before

During. He wasn't a fan of it at all, so he had to sit on my lap.

Handsome boy after!

We got some Wendy's nuggets to celebrate!

Where did my baby go? And who is this little boy?
Dylan also had his 15 month appointment at the doctor. Here are the stats:
Weight- 23.2 lbs (32nd percentile)
Height- 31.75 in (71st percentile)
Head- 18.5 in (45th percentile)

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Melissa said...

SO CUTE! Aren't you glad you did it??? It's always nerve racking but they look so much better without a mullet... I mean, who really can rock the mullet besides Billy Ray? No one. I like you.