Monday, January 17, 2011

Favorite Golden Globe looks.

Last night was the Golden Globes, and you know that I had it on my dvr. I love seeing all the pretty dresses and even the not-so-pretty ones. Even better was Ben's commentary while watching the red carpet pre-show. And yes, Ben watched the whole thing with me.

Here are my top looks:

 Claire Danes
Love her custom Calvin Klein dress. Lovely color, simple yet interesting shape. 
Ben's commentary: "Who is she?"
 Dianna Agron
Classy and age-appropriate. I hate when young actresses show too much skin or make things too complicated with hair, makeup, jewelry, etc.

 Megan Fox
Ok, typically I don't really like her, but I think that she looks spectacular here. Beautiful, interesting dress.
Ben's commentary: "What's that on her arm? A tattoo of Marilyn Monroe? That's just weird."

Eva Longoria, not Longoria-Parker
She looks great, and the back of the dress was even cooler. 

Mila Kunis
To me she'll always be Jackie from That 70's Show, but she looks great here. I love the rich green with the dark hair. 
Carrie Underwood
Yes, my girl crush. Doesn't she look amazing? Love the sparkly gold dress on Carrie. In fact, she would've probably made my list even if she wore this:
EEEE January Jones- this is the Golden Globes, not the VMAs. Yes, I'm aware that this is Versace, but cover up girlfriend!


Jo-Dan said...

Now that you have done your "Hit" list, I think you need to do a "Miss" list that would, of course, include January, but what about Tilda Swinton? AWFUL! And is Natalie Portman pregnant, cuz that's the ONLY reason she should wear that dress...and can we PLEASE talk about Emma Stone's hair?

The Clems said...

claire danes looked amazing! i loved the bright pink. im with you on megan fox too. her body is ridiculous! i thought olivia wilde looked very prom-esque, but she is gorgeous so i dont think it matters what she wears. michelle williams on the other hand looked hideous!! what was she thinking! im glad im not the only one who watches these lame liberal award show! im looking forward to your oscars and grammy round up! :)