Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cause we still got the heat.

Today hubby and I went on a day-date. You know, the kind of date that you go on when you're not sure if you like the person and don't want to committ to the seriousness that is an evening date.

Except in this instance, we really like each other a lot and don't mind the seriousness that is an evening date.

We just happened to go on a day date because 1. We wanted to, and 2. My fab sitter/boss was going to bring her little guy along, who is just three weeks younger than Dylan.

Anyway, here's what the day-date consisted of lunch at (my choice) Chilis and a movie (his choice-kind of)- The King's Speech.

Most of you are probably thinking, "Ewww Chilis, really? That's you're actual choice for date food when you have about 19395 other restaurants in a 5 mile radius?" My answer is YES- have you tried their Quesadilla Explosion Salad? Yum. Can't get enough of the dish. (In fact, I've been dreaming about the salad since my last trip to Chilis- Dec 7, 2010. Yup, I remember weirdo things like that.).

As for The King's Speech, I really had no plans on seeing the movie prior to this morning. I was talking to my dad on the phone and he highly recommended it. This surprised me, as we are both not avid R-rated movie watchers. Even so, he said that the movie was spectacular and that I needed to see it.

And see it we did. I agree with my dad- the movie was great (and not just because I have a crush on Colin Firth). It was not fast paced at all, but it was interesting, interesting, interesting. And as for the R rating? The movie honestly could have been rated PG other than two very brief part where Colin lets out some tourette-like swearing as part of his speech therapy. It was actually quite funny.

In conclusion (as this is beginning to feel like an essay), today's day date rocked and I really love my husband. Now go see The King's Speech.

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Lindsay Marie said...

Chili's? Really? Hahaha, that was my first thought exactly.

Last time I was there was Aug 11, 2007... and I swore I wouldn't go back. But you did pique my interest.