Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 7: A song that matches my mood and why.

"Manic Monday" by The Bangles!

This song represents my mood because it is Monday (blah) and I really wish that it was Sunday, or Saturday. This marks the beginning of a crazy week because Ben's boss is out of town all week, which means that Ben has to run the shop all alone... dealing with hundreds of customers, keeping all the employees on task, etc. Busy, busy, busy. This means that Ben will probably be working more than the usual 50 hours this week. Bah.

I don't have much going on this week besides the usual- working Monday-Thursday, trying to stay sane, and spending as much time with my Dylan boy as I can.

Fun fact about me and this song: This is the first song that I ever, ever remember hearing. I was 3 or 4 years old and my family was living in Pittsburgh. I remember my sister and a neighbor girl playing this song on a tape and singing along in the neighbor's basement. I've loved this song ever since.


The Clems said...

love this song! good pick!

sarahbclark! said...

we'd put on bangles concerts. that was in the days before the madonna concerts. :)

Sarah said...

I haven't been commenting on all your "days" of blogging but just letting you know that it's daily entertainment for me. Thanks!! And great song.

Do you need a friend this week?!?

Terri and Jack said...

I always think of those great Pittsburgh days when I hear that song, too.