Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy bee.

I was so lucky to have my fabulous mama visit Utah for the past week. I actually just took her to the airport a few hours ago- tear. As most of our visits do, we had a massive to do list. Mainly things that would involve the further-decoration of my house, but a few Utah musts like Cafe Rio, Cocoa Bean, and Nordstrom. 

I committed the cardinal sin of forgetting to take pictures while decorating, which means that I can't do the fun "before and after" pictures. I haven't posted pictures of my living room in awhile, so here is what she looks like right now:
 {Pay no mind to pictureless frames}

Dylan has been a mix between an angel and a devil as of late. As long as he's happy and getting what he wants, he is the happiest, cutest little person. Which is about 90% of the time. But beware of saying no when he wants to drag a kitchen chair across the room and use it as a stepping stool  to pushing all the buttons on the alarm system. Because you will get screamed at by a toddler. And it won't be pretty. He'll try to hit you or bite you while giving you some dirty looks. 

Here is an example of Happy Dylan:
I picked up some of the kid cooking toys from Ikea the other day and he looooved them. Dylan loves pretend cooking, so these mini pots were a great pick. 
Aaaaaaand this is what happens when mommy wears a necklace to church. Strangulation by toddler. He sure looks cute with his little tie and mohawk though.


Taylor Kowallis said...

is that the shirt and tie from H&M on Dylan???? Its adorable!! How is his doing since the "fall"?

sarahbclark! said...

chrissi, you're so pretty! you have the cutest nose.
and your house looks great. i look forward to seeing it this summer!