Thursday, April 21, 2011

These are my confessions.

1. I name inanimate objects. For example, the car is Lexie, the Kindle is Sampson, and the iPad is Sheldon. No one has suggested that I name these things... luckily Ben goes along with it and sometimes refers to said devices by their "names."

2. I'm not the biggest fan of my job right now, as a certain family that I have busted my tail working with for the past year has decided that I haven't been helpful, a good communicator, or a good caseworker. Stupid high maintenance people... nothing will ever be good enough. Wait, maybe if I cure their child's drug and mental health issues? Buy her a house and car? Get her a job? Wait, still won't be good enough then.

3. For the past two months Ben has made appointments for our home teachers to come over and then forgot to tell me about it. He also forgot to be home when the HT's came to the house. Awkward...

4. I'm really, really excited for Easter morning, because I made Dylan a really cute Easter basket. Pictures will probably be featured on the blog.

5. Dylan has been testing Ben and I as of late, especially during mealtime. It's no secret that he's a picky eater, but when he decides to repeatedly throw his food on the ground and then beg for more there will be problems. We may have done time out for the first time this week.

6. I abbreviate most names for things in my head, but I don't refer to them that way when speaking, as they often don't sound very great out loud. For example, I refer to my diaper bag as my "d-bag" in my head. Or I call Vampire Diaries "VD."

7. Dylan is seriously addicted to Elmo. The first thing he said to me this morning was "Elmo? Elmo?" He usually gets to watch one Elmo's World every day, but he would love for it to be more.

8. I am dying for a new pair of spring shoes, these ones to be exact:
The awkward news? All of the online reviews were from women ages 55 and up. No 20-something reviews at all. And there were a lot of reviews. Are these old lady shoes? I want something age appropriate- I'm not ready to buy elastic waist pants just yet.


sarahbclark! said...

funny, i call my husband "d-bag" in my head sometimes...

and it's funny that you name things. i'm just the opposite, i never name anything. lexie i understand, but sampson and sheldon? how'd you come up with those?

sarahbclark! said...

oh, and nice reference to an usher song with the title. ;)

Terri and Jack said...

I really like the shoes, but they do remind me of the kinds of shoes my Aunt Loretta used to wear- minus the Leopard. but, I think they are cute... and I'm not 55 or over...yet.