Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner for the lazy.

This is what tonight's dinner looked like, being that I was too lazy to actually cook for myself. I did make Ben a bacon and egg sandwich though- that counts as cooking as I used a skillet. 

I wanna note two things about this ghetto dinner:
1. I am obsessed with the ranch dressing that I dip my carrots in- Wild Coyote Ranch and it's made in Utah. This stuff blows Hidden Valley out of the water. I'm now a ranch snob and will only have the good stuff that comes in a fancy glass jar. Thanks to Allison for serving this deliciousness at Golden Globes 2011.
2. I am also obsessed with the peanut butter that I dip my apple slices in- I swear by the Adam's 100% natural peanut butter. The ingredients consist of ground up peanuts and salt. None of that preservative-filled crap. Not that I'm one to talk about preservatives and crap, since I ate Arbys for lunch.  Again, blows the Jif out of the water. If you're still eating the Jiffy glop, it's time to change. Bleh. 

What are your lazy-day dinners?


Sarah said...

Cereal: breakfast, snack, lazy dinner. Basically our go-to food! And AMEN on the Wild Coyote. You can't go back, huh? That stuff is to die for. I don't know Adam's brand specifically but I love natural PB.

Raven said...

Hey, I am lazy so this totally helped! Thank you!!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

spaghetti and breakfast-for-dinner. my kids love a good german pancake and i love them, too but since i don't like to eat sweet things for breakfast it works for me to have them for dinner.

p.s. i love adams too. have you tried the kirkland (costco) organic pb? it's great and half the price of adams!