Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyone loves a good makeover.

For years I have been watching my favorite TLC show What Not To Wear.  Every week the hosts Stacy and Clinton take a fashion trainwreck and help them transform their wardrobe. I eat this stuff up, because I love seeing the fabulous transformations. The hosts help the people find clothes that look good and flatter them, while staying true to the people's style.

Most of the time the contestants are people that know nothing about fashion and haven't gone shopping since 1997, but every so often there is a "fashion savvy" contestant who thinks that all of their clothes are fabulous when they, in fact, look like a streetwalker/bag lady/15 year old.

A few months ago there was the best. makeover. ever. This girl is a flight attendant and honestly thought that her look was great. (If great means scary Barbie/Playmate/I-did-my-makeup-in-a-dark-cave girl)

The What Not to Wear staff worked their magic and were able to transform the overdone flight attendant to this:

Lovely, right? Unfortunately girlfriend did not like her new look and missed the days of tarantula eyelashes and frosted eyeshadow. 


Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Yeess! I saw this episode and WOW it's crazy what some people think is "SUPER CUTE". LOL, she looked sooo much better afterwards. I was hoping she would stick with her new look but no such luck..

Sarah said...

I didn't know they toned people down on that show! I thought it was just frumpy folks to fabulous. That's funny she missed her look. It's hard to take it off. But HELLO...so much better take 2!

Lindsey said...

poor, poor girl. THAT SCARE ME!