Friday, April 29, 2011


While I have not always been very interested in the royal family, I have been bitten by the royal wedding bug. I didn't wake up Friday morning to watch the live wedding coverage, but I recorded it and was able to watch it this morning.

I loved all of the pomp, ceremony, and pageantry of the wedding- so big and extravagant, yet very traditional.

I knew that Kate's dress would be spectacular, as she is such a stylish person, and I was not disappointed by her wedding dress. The lace was gorgeous and I felt like the dress was timeless and elegant. Her hair and makeup also looked very natural and beautiful. When Kate looks back at her wedding photos in 30 years she won't be thinking, "What was I thinking with that dress and hair?!?" Nope, she'll be thinking, "Good choice. I looked fabulous."

Don't they look ecstatic? Kate definitely looks like a princess to me. I love that she is a "commoner" who has a true Cinderella story. 

My favorite part of this picture? The little girl to the left of Kate..... hahahahahaa.

I have a special place in my heart for Harry... maybe because his looks remind me of my Benjamin? I also love that he seems like a he has a little devilish streak. What do you think? See any resemblance between Ben and Harry?

Bottom line, the wedding looked like a dream. Made me want to go to Britain NOW.


Rachael said...

I was obsessed with this wedding. She was probably one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, and I really think I gasped out loud when she got out of that car. Amazing. Who doesn't love a Princess? C'mon now.

PS. I love your blog and all your commentary.

The Clems said...

price harry and ben could be the same person! i never noticed that!

Lindsey said...

My mom said she didn't like her dress and it's def obvi not something I would ever choose, but I'm also not royalty. I love it on her and thought she looked perfect!