Sunday, July 4, 2010


{me with the book in hand, because I obviously can't have to movie in my hand yet}

Last Tuesday I saw Eclipse with a couple of my best girls Stacey and Erna. We were able to see the movie at 8:30 on Tuesday night... a full 3 1/2 hours before most! I guess we're just cool like that or something. Here are some highlights from the experience:

-In N Out before the movie
-Offering to let Erna smell our food since she is on HCG and her diet currently consists of steak
- Dying over the Eat, Pray, Love and HP7 previews
-Taylor Lautner. Yum. Since he is legal I guess I can say that without being too creepy.
-Bella saying "Change me" to Edward and Stacey immediately thinking of Bella asking Edward to change her diaper.
-Erna reminding me of how I used to picture Jacob  as Sanjaya from American Idol before there was any movie casting. True story.
Hilariously ridiculous, I know.

It's not like I have the hots for Sanjaya or anything, but for some reason he is who I pictured when imagining Jacob Black. 
My thoughts have been appropriately adjusted:
{Hello Jacob. I see that you've been working out}

Now I cannot wait until Breaking Dawn and being able to see the creepiness that will be Renesmee! Yay Twilight!


The Clems said...

the entire book of breaking dawn creeps me out! im not sure how they will do this movie, but im excited too! sanjaya and jacob? i need more deets!!

sarahbclark! said...

chrissi, you crack me up! i think i'm going to see eclipse tonight. i wanted to wait till all the craziness died down. also, i hate kristen stewart.