Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back from the dead.

Remember when I posted about my new best friend, Kindle? Did I tell you about it's premature death? If not, here's the story:

Picture this- April 2010. 4 hour airplane ride form SLC to Orlando. 10 days of vacation and relaxation. Tons of reading to be done. Husband spent literally hours scouring Orem retailers to find some type of protective case for the Kindle before we left, although there were none to be found. Boo. Imagine our sadness when we took the Kindle out of Ben's backpack once were were in the air and saw this:

Boo! Boo! My frusturation definitely conjured images of the "Boo! Boo! lady from The Princess Bride."

Anyway, once we were in Florida Ben called Amazon, explained the situation, and they said that they would send a new Kindle right over for no charge.... wait! At the last minute the Amazon rep asked us if he had a warrantee. Ben said that he didn't know... worker checked on it.... wouldn't you know it- no warrantee, which means replacement Kindle was no longer free. Our "free" replacement Kindle would actually cost us $139 due to our lack of warrantee.


Anyway, nearly three months went by. We were missing our Kindle, but we were not excited to shell out $139 for a new Kindle. Finally a few weeks ago we decided that we were willing to  bite the bullet and get a new Kindle. Imagine our surprise when Ben called Amazon and the customer service rep was more than willing to send us a new Kindle for free, and didn't say a word about us having to pay a dime. Score! And we were not about to ask her if she was sure that it was supposed to be free, as the other rep said that we would have to pay $139. Hmmm, is that a sin of omission? Not sure. I'm just happy that I didn't have to pay.

Here is a picture of my loveley new Kindle:
Beautiful, right?

And smart too! It even knows that it's my second Kindle, see?
I'm a happy girl!

Friends, do you have any must-reads to suggest? I'm now in the market to read some new books!
ps- just finished "Water for Elephants" and loved it. Also just finished "The Heart of the Matter." Very frusturating, couldn't relate with the characters, didn't love it. 


Jessica said...

I just finished 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' by Betty Smith. It was really good!

I dropped my Kindle like three times in one day, it didn't break. But Stafford went online and bought me a case and added the warranty on it to be safe.

Taylor Kowallis said...

Fablehaven or the Percy Jackson series are great!

sarahbclark! said...

did you buy all those books? i'm trying to limit myself to the free ones since it's just too easy to spend $10 here and there on whatever book i want. didn't you say you'd heard that you can let your friends "borrow" your books on kindle?

stacey said...

I love that it knows it's your 2nd Kindle. I love my little Kindle!