Monday, July 19, 2010

Since you've all been wondering...

What do I do with my time when I'm not chasing Dylan around or attempting to get something done around the house?

I'm hanging out in this little box:
Yep, this is my little office, which doubles as a shrine to Dylan. This is where I manage my 2910394 cases (ok, just 20) and answer emails, make calls, write reports, document client contact, and put out various fires. Drama, drama all day long. Not really, but sometimes.

My office is located in what my work pals call "The Annex." See, when my office moved buildings, there was a little grouping of 8 offices off of the normal hallway. None of these offices have windows and they are a little secluded... if you watch "The Office" then you have heard of The Annex. Although in this instance I don't think that it's a bad thing.

That is, unless you don't like listening to my pal/coworker Allison and I yelling things to each other across the hall ( most frequently "Entering/Leaving Annex" so we don't start talking thinking that we are talking to each other when we are actually talking to ourselves) or hearing me rock out to Britney Spears on my Pandora chanel.

You see, I actually do things at my job. Benjamin is kind of under the impression that I don't really do anything for my work, and then when he visits me at the office every once in a blue moon and sees all my files and paperwork strewn about he says,

"Woah, you actually do things at your work. Not that I think you sit around all day, but it's crazy that you have a little piece of your life that I know nothing about and you have a whole group of people who depend on you for things... weird."

It's true honey, I actually do things when I'm not at home. Shocking, I know.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, Mike totally does the same thing to me. haha. He knows I log in 15 hours a week, but then is always surprised to see me working during Colton's nap (which I do everyday)

Terri and Jack said...

Your office is very cute... very YOU. And- your job is actually very impressive doing very good things. You have peoples LIVES in your it's good that you can joke and "rock out" to Britney. Makes hard things more bearable.

sarahbclark! said...

i love this post, it's funny. miss you.

Anonymous said...

oh the annex. we really scored with our office choice you know. and what would really be annoying for the others is if we would set up a little dj system in the middle of our doors and have britney blaring so that we can both hear. and tone loc.