Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awkward + Awesome.

I've decided to copy a bit from The Daybook and do an "Awkward + Awesome" post. Hooray!
{There is something awkward about this photo. See the list.}

-Thinking that I was so fabulous for finding 540 thread count sheets for our California King Mattress for only $48 on Ebay. The sheets arrived and they feel more like 140 thread count. Scratchy, scratchy, scratchy. And you've got to love the seller's no return policy. Gaaaaah.
- Having a seriously disgusting, phlegm-rattling cough and getting into a coughing fit while on a phone call with a client
-Making a vet appointment for my cat Oscar to have a dental cleaning and tooth extractions. What 5 year old cat gets periodontal disease? My cat, that's the one.
-Spending 12 hours on an interview panel at work.... there are just so many things that I wish I could say. Darn you, work confidentiality. All I can say is this: If you're interviewing for a job, make sure that your breath doesn't reek. If I can smell it 6 feet away then there is a problem.
-Other that feeling awkward about taking self portraits, my pink t shirt makes me feel awkward. Why? Because a week after I bought it, I saw an elderly woman wearing the exact same shirt at church. Guess who doesn't really wear it for that reason? Yup, moi.

-Bachelor Brad picked Dolly Parton Barbie Emily. Y'all (in a southern accent, of course).... this girl is just so sweet. Bless her heart.
- Weather nice enough to let Dylan play outside
-Finding out that the two dresses I ordered from (and were briefly out of stock) are on their way
- Chobani yogurt. There are no words for the deliciousness. It also has like 38492 grams of protein per serving, which I like. Hopefully it'll sit like a rock in my stomach.
- Finalizing plans for a Vegas trip. Hooray!
-Dylan starting to say, "Amen" at the end of nighttime prayers. Too cute for words, that boy. He also says, "Si" for yes. That brings his Spanish word vocabulary to three words (agua, otro, si).


Just Jaime said...

Ok I was so excited that Brad picked Emily, but I was not so excited about how aloof she was at the after the finale show. I don't think they're going to make it if she can't get over her hang ups

Taylor Kowallis said...

i was not so happy about him picking Emily. I was team Chantal and I was even MORE Team Chantal after watching the final rose!
Anyway... my favorite "awesome" was the finalizing plans for Vegas... YES!!!! Cant WAIT to see you guys!!! I might go into labor just thinking about it!

Kaley said...

I was SO excited about him choosing Emily! (see my own blogpost about the very same topic.) I was even more of a fan after the final rose because I feel like it shows that she's real. I would be just as insecure and jealous after watching him make out with lots of other girls all while telling her she's special. Oh, and also- they've been dating for like 3 months. In no world except the Provo world is that an appropriate length of dating before getting married. And they haven't even been able to be public with their relationship yet! I think she's totally justified in wanting to give it more time and see them in real life. She has a daughter to consider, after all. She necessarily has to be careful before jumping into a marriage. Anyway, I'm obviously very passionate about my love for her. =) She's fabulous!