Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Columbus lovies.

Last night I was able to have dinner with some of my very favorite girls- Melissa, Kaley, Hollie, and Andrea. Hollie was visiting from Indiana (and is looking absolutely stunning at 34 weeks pregnant), and the rest of us are Indiana girls living in Utah. 

We made a ruckus at my favorite pizza joint Pizzeria 712... Andrea got walked in on in the bathroom, Hollie got wax spilled on her cardigan, and Kaley cracked us up with crazy work stories. This was a sad dinner, though, because it's the last time we will be getting together before Melissa leaves us to move to southern Utah. 

The party continued where we terrorized a the poor male cashier at The Chocolate and then resumed creating a ruckus by re-hashing Indiana gossip and discussing Hollie's upcoming mommyness. The poor cashier kept walking past us whenever it seemed we were talking about something relating to bodily functions/unattractive words.

There's just something so wonderful about hanging out with people who have known you since childhood. There's no drama, no cattiness, and no bs. I love you girls!


Kaley said...

That was fun! And that picture is great! I'm sad I missed out on The Chocolate--especially since the conversation was obviously quite lively. =)

Taylor Kowallis said...

oh I LOVE this!!! Soooooooooo wish I was there!! Love all you guys!

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Chrissi, you're the best! Last night was soooo fun and very much needed! I love you all!!