Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newlywed flashback.

Funny story for you all:
When Ben was turning 24 (which really seems like a lifetime ago, not 4 1/2 years) he wanted me to make him an apple pie rather than a birthday cake. I had never made a pie from scratch- face it, I could barely manage mac and cheese- so I was really nervous about how the pie would turn out. 

Amazingly, the pie turned out perfectly. So good, in fact, that Ben didn't want to wait until it had fully cooled before we ate it. Being that it was his birthday, I had to put candles in his birthday pie. 

Too bad I didn't factor in the possibility of the candles melting into the still-hot pie. By the time I finished singing "Happy Birthday" the cake had a ridiculous amount of blue wax all over and inside the pie. 

We still ate the pie- you know that I wasn't going to throw my crowning cooking achievement in the trash- but we had to spend a lot of time picking out blue wax. Joy.

This is just one of my "failure as a newlywed wife" moments, and there were many. I'll have to share another more of these moments in the future cause they were ridiculous.

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1 comment:

Melissa said...

We lived right behind you when this happened and I think I ever ate a piece! It means you are real friends when you open a memory post and know what the picture is of before reading :)