Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes, this really happened + a fun announcement!

First, please know that the announcement is not a pregnancy announcement. No prego.

(In case you were curious, we're planning on havinging baby #2 when Dylan is 3. Truth be told, I'm convinced that baby #2 will actually be twins, so maybe Dylan will be closer to 3 1/2. We'll see.)

The following sentence actually came out of my mouth last week:
"Honey, I think that Dylan may have downloaded a porn subscription onto my phone!"

Luckily, no pictures of nekkids have shown up on my phone (and no weirdo charges on our phone bill), but I was a little nervous. You see, I sometimes let Dylan play with my phone even though he broke my old phone a few months ago. He loves it and sometimes accidentally calls Ben. It's cute, I promise. Anyway, last week he was pushing all sorts of buttons and and I saw that he had pulled up the internet on my phone and a picture of a scantily clad woman was on my screen! I didn't take much time to see what he was doing, but I did see the word "subscribe." Eek! I just took the phone away and hit end, end, end until the normal screen came back. Whew.

Ok, on to the announement! I am hosting my first ever giveaway!
Even better, it's for something that you'd actually want! Not some janky craft that I threw together

Stay tuned, because I'll be announcing the giveaway details tomorrow!


Just Jaime said...

Haha that's funny about Dylan! And I'd take a janky craft ;)

Chrissi said...

A) that's hilarious
B) really hope you don't get charged...wonder how many times they've heard the excuse "i didn't mean to subscribe, i promise...please remove the charges"
C) i heart giveaways

Sarah said...

Giveaway?!? That's fun. Can't wait to hear more.

Morgan said...

My kids like to play with my ipod and one day pulled up the app store. Somehow they got into the free apps page and had scrolled down far enough to be *this close* to downloading a *clears throat* positions app. Luckily it was stick figures, but still!

Jo-Dan said...

Payton almost rented Salt via on demand the other day...how annoying