Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday mashup.

1. This is what I was wearing to court a few weeks ago. I snapped the picture because I wanted your opinons on whether it was ok for court or not. Take a look:
Is a sequined shirt considered too flashy for court? I felt like the black pants and purple cardigan toned things down a bit.

2. Ben bought Dylan this little car on a few days ago and the boy is absolutely obsessed. The first thing that he said yesterday morning was "Car? Car?" When it was time to go into the office, I literally had to drag Dylan out of the car kicking and screaming.
3. Has anyone else tried these things? They are amaaaaaaazing. Like, you can't stop yourself from eating 20 in one sitting because they're so good. Consider yourself warned.

4. My friend Stacey and I are going to Nicole Hill's (A Little Sussy) party and book signing at Alice Lane tonight. I'm way excited to geek out and meet a blogger that I admire and hopefully pick up a copy of her photoshop 101 book, as I have photoshop and I don't have any idea how to use it. 


Anonymous said...

1st of all i WANT that photoshop book, so i hope you got it. 2nd. why did you not bring the kisses to the oscar party for us to partake? 3rd. henry has a car just like that and he too is obsessed with it. AND actually funny story, he blamed baby dylan for ripping the stickers off of it and sticking them on the carpet...4th i LOVE your sequins. so much.

Sarah said...

i saw those kisses and passed them up. DUMB move. Can't wait to hear the wrap up from your Friday night. Now I'm off to check out that blog.