Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check in of the resolutions.

Alrighty friends, remember when I posted about all my New Year's resolutions? They were featured on this post.  I had some lofty goals and I think that I can say that I've done alright so far. I was a rockstar in January,and  so-so at best in February. Put those together and you've got alright. Here's a check in of my progress:

1. Work out four times each week.
 In January I gymmed 3-4 times each week and was feeling really good. February....ehhh. I think that I went 1-2 times each week. I'm already off on a good foot for March, as I worked out this morning to the sweet sounds of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

2. Cook dinner four times each week.
Again, I was a rockstar in January. I had my menu and I was 16 for 16 meals in January. February I never got around to making the menu, so I was quite ill-prepared in the kitchen. I think that I cooked twice each week. I'm making the March menu tonight (tonight is a burger and salad for me, burgers and tater tots for Ben and Dylan... look, I never said that the meals were impressive). 

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
I really am doing better at this- I try to have at least one veggie each day, and at least one fruit. I don't know how people eat 15 million servings of fruits and veggies each day... probably cause they aren't having cereal for breakfast and lunch or aren't eating granola bars and goldfish for snacks. I still have a ways to go though. I always have a snack around 10 am, and my goal is for that to always be a fruit or vegetable. 

4. Read to Dylan for at least 15 minutes each day. 
This goal is pretty hard, as Dylan is a Tasmanian devil who doesn't sit still, but I would say that we read for about 10-15 minutes each day. This consists of him saying, "Book!" and then bringing me something for him to read. Sometimes one of his books, other times my Better Home & Garden Magazine.  

5. Work on being content with my life. 
I'm feeling pretty good about this one. I still love me my pretties, but I think that I spend less time each day thinking about what I want, want, want. 

6. Work goal: Complete my documentation within one working day.
Ummmm yeah. How about that one. The documentation is getting done, but probably not as quickly as it should. 

7. Church goal: Plan my Relief Society Lessons more than 48 hours in advance. 
Doing great with this one! Teaching RS is going great from my perspective, as I always have something prepared and I don't notice any sleepers in the audience. Wahoo!

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