Thursday, March 31, 2011

My newest addiction: American Idol

I realize that this is something like American Idol season 10 or something, so I'm a little late jumping on the Idol bandwagon.This is the first season that I am legitimately interested and am watching consistently. I didn't watch the first round of audition episodes, as I find them exhausting, but ever since the top 24 were selected I have been a watcher.

First, I gotta discuss the judges. I really love the Steven-Jennifer-Randy mix. Yes, they're a little generous with their critiques, but they're really enjoyable. Steven says the most ridiculous things and he cracks me up. I'm not missing Simon, Paula, or Kara at all. I might be missing Ellen a little, but just because I love Ellen so much.

Anyway, here are my top 3 and bottom 3 at this point in the season:

Top Three
I think that she's absolutely fabulous and I wouldn't be surprised if she won the whole thing. She has definite star quality and seems like she's the professional showing the others how it's done.

She's only 16 or so, and she's got such a great voice. She's fun and spunky and I think that she'll go far in the competition. Cute southern girl.

Although he wasn't originally voted into the top 10, I think that he's just great. He has a darling look and I could see him fitting in with the Chris Brown-style music (not the girlfriend beating though).

Bottom Three:
Oh my gosh, the judges made such a big deal about using their save on Casey this week and were all, "You deserve to be here, you're wonderful, blah blah blah." I beg to differ. Yes, he has a unique sound and style, but that doesn't mean that I like it. And his beard grosses me out too.

This girl is very talented and very unique, however I just don't  love the reggae sound. I feel like she has a narrow appeal, which means that she'll get voted off in a few weeks. 

This girl has an amazing voice, but I just find her boring. She's very young- 16 I think- but she doesn't seem fun or spunky, just blah. 


The Clems said...

i agree with you on all levels! i love pia. she is my kinda singer! love stefano too. sadly i think he wont last too long. hailey did really good last night! i cant stand niema- especially her reggae elton john. thats just a travesty! i felt embarrassed for her! don't like casey either. america agrees! i dont know why they saved him. such a good season. simon who???

Jo-Dan said...

I beg to differ...Casey has a very interesting sound and personality. Stefano is mediocre...and I can't believe you didn't even mention Paul! He is one of my favorites...but I also LOVE Pia and Lauren (who reminds me of Chantel every time I see her), and I dislike the same two girls. We are almost on the same wavelength...

Raven said...

Ahhh I LOVE American Idol! And this is the FIRST year you really watched it? Girl, I have seen every single season. Like you, I don't miss Simon, Paula and especially Kara at all, mainly because I LOVE Jennifer and LOVE LOVE LOVE Steven Tyler (like, I want to make out with him) but my top three are Pia, Casey (how can you not like him?????) and James Durbin. LOVE that show!!