Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mid-week randoms.

Hello friends! I hope that everyone is having a good week. Things are going great here... just working all day and chasing Dylan around. It's a good life. Here are a few randoms from the past week:

- I met supercute blogger Stephanie of Stephanie and Such while I was out getting my shop on last Saturday. I felt like such a creeper going up to a stranger and saying, "Hi, I read you blog" but she was so sweet and friendly. Yay for meeting bloggers in real life! And double yay that she didn't turn out to be a 50 year old man!

- While at court on Wednesday I heard my client's fiance say, "Yeah, I have porn on my computer. So what?" Didn't want to know that one. Cringe.

- Dylan has been getting more and more fun each day. His verbal skills are growing like crazy and it's so much fun to be able to communicate with him better and better. He's always asking me, "Luck?" which means "love" meaning he wants to hug and snuggle on me. 

- My heart is hurting for the darling Taylor family  who lost their sweet daughter Ruby earlier this month. I've been following their family for a few months now and the mother Ani is such an amazing example of faith and strength. 

- I'm trying to convince myself that I like to run, so I've been running 2 miles about 3 times every week. Still waiting to love running. 

- I finally joined Pinterest, but I've been extremely halfhearted in my Pinning efforts. This pin cracked me up today:

Please share some of your mid-week randoms!

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stacey said...

I want to learn to love running too! Where/when are you running? We should run together.