Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in pictures.

On Friday I decided to channel my inner 14 year old and french braid my hair. It had been at least 8 years since I last rocked this hairstyle and it felt good. Made me remember my cheerleading days- ha! 

I took Dylan to Provo Beach Resort for a playdate with some friends and their kiddos. 
Saturday was a major bad hair day, so I pulled it up and added a headband to camouflage said bad hair.
Loaded up on some In-N-Out, as I needed to get my mood and energy in the best place possible to prepare for my next location....
Yes, you see correctly. I went to Walmart, the place I try to avoid at all costs. Something about the fluorescent lighting and the plethora of, ahem, interesting people gives me hives.
On Sunday I made a ridiculously delicious dinner- Pioneer Woman steak and mashed potatoes. Doesn't it look fancy?

I also attempted a photo shoot with Dylan. Simply put, it was a massive fail. 
Fine, Dylan. Don't smile for the camera.

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Amy said...

Love the Provo Beach Resort. Can't wait to get back to Utah so we can take our bug there to play.