Friday, August 19, 2011


1. This morning I had to get ready for an early court hearing. Despite my workweek being Mon-Thurs, courts are still open on Fridays, which means that I have the occasional Friday hearing- boo.

2. To make matters worse, my blow dryer bit the dust and there was no time to get a new one before court. Good thing the Judge doesn't mind a messy, damp ponytail.

3. The day has still been just fine- after court, I picked up Dylan and headed to Target for a new blow dryer and ended up picking up a cute birthday gift for Dylan. When I told Ben that I had gotten a gift for Dylan he said, "Of course you did." Somehow he wasn't as excited about Dylan's gift as I was. 

4. Dylan is currently on hour two of his nap. After getting some cleaning done, I have been kicking back watching one of my favorite movies, Stardust.
5. Ben and I have a date tomorrow- hooray! Not quite sure what we're going to do- I'm open to suggestions though!

What are your weekend plans?


The Clems said...

moving to centerville! i hate moving with the passion so, should make for a fun weekend! *sarcasm

Taylor Kowallis said...

i love that movie! Its our anniversary so nate and I will be partying it up! LOL. We only have one kid this weekend too! Pretty nice! The twins are in Utah with Nates family! IM FREEEEE! haha