Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wicked Witch on the loose.

Who is the Wicked Witch? That would be me. 
You see, last night after Ben and I had gotten through about 14 hours of being run-around-like-a-crazy-person busy, we were finally able to kick back and relax. Heaven, I tell you. Just sitting in the cold basement watching season one of Parenthood (which is nice, but not nearly as satisfying as the hilarious Modern Family. It makes me think of Brothers and Sisters if there were more children involved, which I could never get into.) Anyway, while we were watching Parenthood Ben turned to me and said, "There's been a little hiccup with my motorcycle's battery cover."

What the heck is Ben talking about? Well it's a long story- basically the battery cover on his motorcycle flew off while he was riding it, so it had to be put back on. Instead of just getting it put back on, he decided that he wanted a custom battery cover, complete with a spiderweb/number 13/skull/day of the dead design on it (doesn't that sound like a really bad tattoo?) Ben was doing trade work with the guy doing the custom design, so it wasn't supposed to cost us anything. 

Then comes the hiccup.

The guy doesn't want to do trade work anymore, which means that we get to pay for the custom battery cover design, as it has already been completed and is ready to go on his motorcycle. The design guy allegedly felt bad for going back on the trade work deal, so he is giving Ben the cover for 50% off. 

My first thought- oh good! A discount! What's it going to cost?
A whopping $287. Seriously?!? 

Enter Wicked Witch.

Yes, she definitely came out. She gave angry looks. She stewed. She said things like, "I can't believe this! How can he just go back on a deal?" She thought things like, "With $287 I could buy the two pairs of shoes that I've been wanting, plus a new pair of jeans, and a few shirts.... none of which I have purchased BECAUSE I'M TRYING TO BE A TEAM PLAYER AND SAVE MONEY."

And Wicked Witch may have said that last part. 

And may have told Ben that his battery cover design was ridiculous. 

After about 30 minutes of anger and stewing I got over it, because that's how I do. Get super angry for a little bit, probably say some things that I'll regret, and then get over it and be fine. 

Husband though? He had hurt feelings. He felt guilty. He couldn't sleep because he was upset (which gets me started on a whole new emotion cycle- guilt). 

Ben didn't want this any more than I did- he didn't think that he was going to have to pay out of pocket for this, and felt terrible that his plan ended up falling through. Where does this leave me? Still feeling like the Wicked Witch. Not because I'm mad at the husband- because I'm disappointed in my reaction over the whole situation. Did I have to lash out and say snarky things? No. Did I have to go on and on about why paying for the dang cover was the worst thing ever? No. 

Ugh. I suppose this is what marriage is all about- going through things together and learning to get through them. Learning to fight fair and not make mean little jabs. Learning to keep the Wicked Witch locked up and deal with issues and disappointments like a rational human being. 

Looks like I'm still learning. 


Megan Payne said...

Hahaha, you'll laugh at this post so hard in a year or two! I'm so glad you documented this! Our reactions are so ridiculous sometimes! And I would've wanted to knock out the "trade work guy" too!!!!!!!!!!! Hillarious!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one that has done something like that recently! :)

Jessica said...

I've totally been the wicked witch in similar situations.

As for the trade, my Dad has been burned a few times on "trade" deals. From now on he asks for a quote on the trade, and he gives one on his side too. Trade work is hard to get a fair deal on both sides. I think I too would have been upset over a 287 battery cover...

Sarah said...

I feel like I have no comment. This seems like a very normal reaction. Right? :)

Anonymous said...

i am so over financial conversations. i mean not yours. but mine. boo. boo to finances.