Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bad things come in threes.

It's true, I'm telling you.

Case in point:



Now, if Brangelina decides to split as well there may be some problems. Actually, not true. Remember what Chelsea Handler recently said about Angelina? I'm in Chelsea's camp. Starts with home, ends with wrecker.


Kaley Shoaf said...

Ok, I don't know who that second couple is, but I'm thrilled with the third. I hate Scarlett Johanssen, probably because she herself always plays a homewrecker. Bout time her home got wrecked.

Taylor Kowallis said...

Zac and Ryan and come "wreck my home" anytime now!! haah! JK!!!!

The Clems said...

zac is freeeeee! im off to Hollywood to find him...